The Trollshaws

July 29, 2008

Hi from the Trollshaws- and yes, it is as dangerous as it sounds.  We visited Barachen, one of the scouts of the sons of Elrond.  He offered us a place around the fire to rest and warm ourselves briefly and to rest our horses. At the request of the Mr. Ironfist, one of the companions of Barachen at his small encampment, we agreed to travel north and search the ruins of Ost Dúrgonn for a missing dwarf.

He ws not hard to find – a stout, sturdy dwarf with a long, white beard sitting next to a stone wall smoking his pipe. Shortly after speaking with , we had to help defend him against a small swarm of strange creatures  called “whisker backs.” And then, a monstrous, huge whisker back (the leader, perhaps?) appeared from the darkness and was quite a bit more difficult to deal with him, though he was not able to withstand the onslaught of my arrows and Thalya’s mystical arts.

After this was finished, we searched nearby for a troll who had stolen a collection of rather unremarkable stones that were very important to their owner.  After finding and defeating the large, drooling, roaring thief and collecting the stones, we set out to go back.

On the way to Barachen’s camp to let the dwarf now that his friend was just fine, I stopped to speak with Rochwen – one of Barachen’s outlooks, who requested we find these rocks and take care of the problem of diseased whisker backs.  She was thrilled that both her requests had been finished, and said I should go and tell this news to Elllohir, son of Elrond.

Having reached the camp, Mr Ironfist was relieved to know his white-bearded friend was doing well.  The next task Barachen bestowed upon us was, predictably, to go into the woods and drive off eight of the trolls actively threatening the area. We will do that a little later, as I am enjoying the fire and I feel my eyes beginning to close with sleep.  Goodnight!  My love to all.



Thalya and Me

July 28, 2008

Finally with a slight reprieve from truly overwhelming battles against the forces of evil, Thalya and I ventured beyond Thorenhad at the request of Ellomir, Son of Elrond.  We were to find Calenthron, a scout in the area, and speak with him.  His campsite was a short distance to the north, and he greeted us warmly.  He had a request of us:  he had become aware of maddened, diseased bears in the area and asked that we help thin them out.  and bring back skin samples for him to examine.

We made rather short work of the bears, as we’d taken Thalya’s magical companion, Steve, an extremely vicious lynx. In no time we had enough hide samples to return them to Calenthon.  He then informed us that he had come to know that the ruins in the area had been overrun by wights, frighening undead creatures. After making sure the wights were somewhat under control, we happily returned to rest at Calenthon’s camp.

We are back to doing tasks that are rather exciting but not incredibly dangerous for the moment.


July 28, 2008


Of late I have become aligned with Thalya’s associates – a group calling themselves “Death Guild.” An interesting name for a band of individuals with whom I can take on these increasingly difficult tasks with more security. Those depicted in this picture, from left to right, are Graidh, Trodomir, Hedafang, Thalya, Xevian, and then me, as you can probably recognize.

We traveled together into the Misty Mountains to battle some rather fearsome creatures at the request of Lord Elrond.  These dark, evil creatures posed a great threat to the peaceful sanctuary of Imladris, and the lands beyond.  We were thankfully able to drive them back, though I cannot know what other malevolent forces lay beyond.

The world has become much darker, and I worry for even Lórien’s safety, if it cannot be stopped.  It is very good that in days like this, and times like these, I can be confident that my new companions will take on these dangerous tasks with me, because I am not sure I can face them alone.

I hope that future subjects will be of a more upbeat nature.


Well Dressed

July 28, 2008

Hello from Rivendell once again!  During this short leave from the many adventures I have been having of late, I spent some time making myself something new to wear.  I am planning to return to the mountains soon, so as well as being beautiful, this cloak will be quite functional.

The time spent was well worth it, was it not?  I love the trim and decorative designs in such vivid colors. I have not had much elegance in the clothing I’ve worn recently and I am glad for such a change in style.

My skills at this craft have certainly improved.  I never thought to study such things back in Lórien, but it has been a worthwhile endeavor.  I have even had success offering several of my creations for sale – it feels good to know others enjoy the articles I have designed and crafted.

The time I have left to spend resting has grown rather short.  I hope all is well!

Time to Relax

July 26, 2008

Unfortunately, the third cave (just as dank, clammy and troll-filled as the last two) failed to produce any sign of the Black Rider’s presence.  I need not have worried, however – when I spoke with Elladan, I was told that his brother, Ellohir, had recieved word on a new lead.  Barachen, at his camp in the south, would like to speak with Thalya and I and tell us what he’s learned so as to better our search.

For the moment, I’m taking some time to relax here.  Do some riding, work on sewing a new cloak, and spend some time doing… nothing.  A few days and then out into the wilds to find a giant or slay dragons, perhaps.  

I’ve finished a beautiful cloak that I am absolutely proud to wear.  It is black with beautiful turquoise and spring green trim and decoration.  I love it and I cannot believe that I, with no experience in needlework or tailoring when I left, picked up this ability on this great adventure as something to do.


Back Underground

July 26, 2008

For the third time, Thalya and I made out way to the entrance of another troll-haven.  The narrow chambers were… well, for lack of a better term…  RICH with trolls. It was just one after another, advance a little bit, and then three more trolls.  After a while, it jst gets tedious.  And it smells AWFUL.  

Finally, at the back of said cave, we were very hopeful that the stone would show… something.  Anything.  But, like in the last to caves I held aloft in the darkest part of the cave….. nothing at all.  I felt despondent!  How could I go back to the sons of Elrond with nothing?

But I had to do so.  He did not seem despondent as I felt, for Elladan informed me that his lookout, Barachen (with whom I have already visited several times on different errands) has more information for me, once I’m rested up from the fight with the trolls.

Yes?  Yes Please.  I’m going back to Rivendell and seeing if it’s impossible to find a hot bath.  And maybe a massage.


Stone Trolls

July 22, 2008


Today, Thalya and I journeyed to another cave…  Which was much more difficult to find.  The way was dangerous, with an incredible number of smarter, more dangerous cave-trolls lurking in the ridges and valleys.  We came to a clearing and found these trolls – turned to stone by the light of the sun.  

I am told that they were tricked into arguing all night until sunrise. Indeed, they are still here in their clearing in the woods, frozen images of huge, grotesque creatures.  I’ve never seen such a thing – it’s as if they were carved from rock, though I can’t imagine why anyone would carve a statue so ugly.

The cave beyond was darker than night, lit occasionally by the fire pits built by the many cave-trolls inside.  Fighting our way through was difficult and harrowing – and when we finally cleared our path of trolls, once again, the stone remained dark and showed nothing.

I would hate to return to the son of Elrond with no news… I have high hopes for my last attempt. It seems that my adventures and wandering have taken a somewhat more serious turn.  I have been chosen to perform rather important business… And I feel that it would be wrong for me to refuse.

I hope everyone is well – I’ll keep you updated when I can.