A New Friend!


Here I am in The Shire.  Hobbits!  Real live hobbits, can you imagine?  They are quite industrious and lazy at the same time.  Baking pies and stuff, then asking passing strangers to drop them off…  What a strange folk.

I met a new friend, Haarland.  He is one of the Men of Bree.  We are traveling together and I admit, it has been less lonely wandering around with someone else to give ideas on “what should we do?”  Additionally, it is nice to have someone with whom I can speak.  He speaks fairly well but dresses strangely.  Men never cease to amaze me.  This stuff never happens back home!

So, no pointy ears, I suppose. But he’s a good guy – fun and a little silly. He’s got a better sense of direction. And the thing we most have in common (in this picture…) is how much we both apparently want to get out of that hobbit hole!

Lots of fun adventures to come!
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