Bree Town

I\'m in Bree!

Here I am in Bree-town.  It’s so different than the towns elves build!  It’s so strange!  The construction techniques… these “Towns of Men…”  Well, let’s just say we have seriously different tastes. But honestly, this is quite  charming in its own way.

I’m looking around a bit in the area on my own, I plan to meet up with Haarland here this evening. He knows the area better than I do, so it will be nice to travel with him.  But for now… wandering around checking out the nooks and crannies of this town, and maybe I will go out and fish in the river for a little while – my luck at fishing has to change!  I cannot keep catching old boots and rusty daggers.

I miss you all back in Lórien. Hope you’re having fun, everyone.

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