I’m Off!

Valaraen in Ered Luin

Well, here I am in frozen Ered Luin. It’s so much further than I believed…  Most of the trip I had not paid attention, drifted in and out of sleep.  I was aware of the change in temperature and slightly aware of the terrain, but…  I slept on.  

And then we arrived, in the snow, in the mountains… far from Lorien!  It’s so different here!  Yet I insist that this is exactly what I’d hoped.  Just dropped off with a map a few sacks of provisons, a dagger and a bow.  Everything else will come.  Maybe I’ll make some friends.  Find something.  Find myself.


 I’m happy I’m going on this adventure, this aimless wandering through the “rest of the world.”  I’ve never seen Bree, never visited “The Shire,”  climbed mountains or met dwarves.  It could be exciting… it could be boring… but either way, it wil be an experience for me, that is all I need.

However, I’m a little homesick now that I see this awful weather! 

I will persist! 

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