Rivendell and New Friend


I’m writing this to you from a beautiful, scented garden by a perfectly babbling brook here in Rivendell – it’s as beautiful as everyone said it would be. I would never have been able to find it on my own… and if I could have, the path seemed extremely dangerous.

Not to worry.  I made a new friend!  Her name is Thalya, and she’s very nice. Thalya is much more experienced at how to get there, and helped me find the way through a dangerous winding route.  But at least now I know where it is!

I wish I could stay here in Rivendell for a long time. It’s so beautiful! There is so much here to see and do… And you wouldn’t believe it – I met Elrond and Gandalf! Wow! Hope things back home are okay.  Do you love my new hairstyle?  I do! I’ll write soon.

Love Always, 

Valaraen\'s Signature





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