The Lone Lands by Night


Writing to you from our resting spot on a hill in the Lone Lands. What a desolate place this is!

The Lone Lands are endless dry, brown, rolling hills that seem to go on without end. The few trees that grow are twisted with weathering, and they’re brown and gray, too.  

But it is all totally worth it to be here since the night sky is amazing and stretches on forever. I sit here and wonder if I am the only creature in the world – just an elf on a hill in the middle of nothingness. It’s not very lonely, I’m somewhat enjoying the solitude and the wind in the grasses. I couldn’t even dream to capture the vastness of this odd world in this panorama, but I hope you all enjoy it.

I miss you and think of you every day! I hope that you are enjoying my letters so far.

Valaraen\'s Signature


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