Visiting Nen Harn

nen harn

Today, with my friends occupied by other, urgent business, I found myself with some time to wander on my own. From Trestlebridge, I started riding to Bree, but maybe a third of the way there, cut east over some rolling green fields that seemed to go on and on in kind of a repetitive, boring way…

I got off the horse to look around – it pretty much seemed like grassland with a few spires of rock poking out – almost certainly boring. But then I came to a precipice from which I saw it. A BEAUTIUFUL, alpine clear lake, surrounded by green lush mountains and plants.

It feeds a majestic waterfall at one end that flows at the bottom of a gorge so deep it seems like it cuts through the world.  What an amazing find.  I believe I will go swimming in this beautiful lake.

It’s so alive! I love it! 

How are things back home?  Is everyone doing well?  I hope so.

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