Greetings from what seems like the top of the entire world.  Weathertop and the corresponding ruins were a beautiful place from which to watch the sun set.  The climb was a little difficult and somewhat dangerous, but we made it up here without too much trouble.  

Finding the correct path to take was more of a pain than expected.  We had several false starts and ended up halfway up a narrow mountain path that turned out to be dead ends full of orcs.  Oops! The orcs were dealt with fairly easily, though a couple times we pretty much turned around and ran away like total wusses.

But, as you see, here I am, watching the sun set over the mountains, in these fascinating ancient ruins on top of a mountain.  This adventuring excursion is turning out to be quite the learning experience and an overall succeess.  However, getting down might prove to be a little difficult…

Hope everything back home is going well,

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