I’m done crawling through swamps.  I rode to Rivendell today, looked around, swam in a pool, and I thought about how here and Lórien are the most beautiful places in the world.  But the rest of the world is so amazing…  I don’t know if I can leave all of this, as all elves must at some point.  I know some of our kind are so tired… that we do not want to deal with the affairs of this place…  But it’s so beautiful, so vibrant, so exciting and everything that makes mortal life worth living, i would suppose.

It certainly has given me a perspective on my own immortality.

These Men, dwarves, even Hobbits… they venture into the world risking danger for the betterment of their kind… and, I would assume, to add “more value” to their short time here.  I can respect this.

More adventure than I had in Lórien, to be sure.  I feel myself changing.  For the good, I  believe.

I’ll write more later,

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