The Swamp

The Swamp!

Somehow I was convinced to walk through a fetid swamp infested with creepy, disgusting creatures called Wights.  There were also slimy, slug-like things, enormous bugs, and wiggling tentacle monsters.  Gross.

However, I made another friend! Her name is Rootbeerwen (another of our kind!), and she is very skilled in the magical arts.  She can summon lightning. It was quite a sight to behold and left me feeling blinded for a moment.  She came along with Haarland and I and her skills helped allow passage through an otherwise very questionable area.  That being said, honestly – running through waist-deep swamp water and the attacks of bugs as large as my torso was somewhat disturbing.

I wonder if this is what they consider to be “fun” in the land of Men. They are strange, to be sure.

In the middle of the swamp, we found the ruins of what seemed to be a mausoleum, where we spoke with a man named Aric.  We also met an extremely angry spectre and his comrades, but with Rootbeerwen’s help fought him off.  

Don’t worry, as you can see I am happy and healthy!

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