Made it to Evendim last night.  I don’t know how – it was extremely dangerous and we did a lot of running, dodging and sliding down very steep hills.  The path was full of bandits and the hills were full of strange creatures, the likes of which we DEFINITELY do not have in Lórien.

I did not have the most fun in the world crossing the wide expanse of a white, flat, dry lakebed full of sand, dust and fire breathing salamanders.  The experience of doing so somewhat made me think “Why am I doing this?  I could be home doing things that AREN’T dangerous and frightening.”

But once we were at the shores of the lake, with bandits, spiders, salamanders and everything else that creeps, crawls and slithers through the forest, the sun was setting, the stars were coming out and it was beautiful and worth it.  I am about to cross the waters to the island in the middle of the lake, so I will report then.


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