Fun With Orcs


Well, yes.  It was as difficult as I wrote in my last letter.  Here, you can see Haarland and I running away from two large, hulking orcs before they could get us.  Let me tell you, we can both run pretty fast when getting chased by the likes of those.

The good news is that we used our skills at slipping in and out of the shadows to come up around, behind all the mess… and before they knew it, I was hailing arrows down upon the “Slaughterer” while Haarland helped me fight off his thugs.  The “Slaughterer” proved nominally easy to dispatch, especially from a distance, but the thugs were less so.  There were two on me, two on him, and somehow I was able to fight them off, and get off a few shots to take them down.

For a while, we stood there unbelieving – we’d done it!  

Then, we realized it… well… smelled like orcs and we quickly got out of there.

More fighting, more adventure.  Is this how men really live?  Just, go out and rove the world looking for adventure? Mortal life must be so intense and short.  I am filled with pity, awe, and jealousy at the same time.

Namárië.  Make sure to tell everyone I’m doing well.


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