Haarland and Valaraen


Finally, yes.  A picture of the two of us.  On the left, since obviously that is not me, is my new best friend.  My travelling companion Haarland Laarson of Dale (these Men have such different names than our own, do they not?!).  He has proven to be a good partner in arms, a good friend, competent navigator and willing to do things for the sake of trying it.  He is very funny, dresses somewhat strangely, is very loyal and will always try that very human tactic of “run in like we own the place.”   That is his way – we’d never be standing beneath the spires of Tinnudir had he not said “We can do it, just make a run for it – don’t try to fight any of these things.”

And we did run in, unseen creatures chasing us, unwilling to look back.  Nothing harmed us, aside form incidental injuries from the slide down the mountain… a controlled fall, really.  And once we were to the lake, of course, everything that could have harmed us had lost track, given up, or found easier prey.

I suppose when one lives as long as our people, it is easy to lose sight of the significance of these experiences.  I know, myself, I would never have though to be at these places that I’d seen only in texts and tomes.  For me, for a long time… it was enough.  Why go to see it if you already know about it?

Namárië.  I hope everyone is in good health and is happy.


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