The Bridge


I made these clothes.  I made them with my own two hands.  This is not something I knew how to do before I left, and I am very proud of this achievement.  I have yet to learn the secrets to making elven-styled armaments…  But this is a very good place to start.  I think I look quite pretty in this.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately.  Standing here on the bridge in the dark, watching the water smoothly ripple past and thinking about how different our lives are from everyone else’s.  And how different my life now is from the lives of our kind.

My trip, these pictures. All the people I’ve met and the new ways of living, the new philosophies, the experiences of diving down a hill to escape a gang of robbers, cliff diving into a lake…  I could not get these from even the most detailed texts.  I had to see for myself – and I thank you all for allowing me this opportunity to live this life. 

To see places mentioned in the books of our people, at the beginning of history, see them with my own eyes, touch them, stand where historical figures have stood.  In books, they seem almost fictional, but once you stand there, seeing what they saw, sitting where they sat, touching their things… everything just becomes MORE REAL.



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