Safety in Numbers


Today was quite insane.  I had been outside Esteldin with Haarland, planning to go hunting for Wargs and those huge, creepy spiders that seem to live EVERWHERE…  I do not remember those from Lórien and as you all know, I lived there for many of the lives of men before I had even thought about leaving…  and I never once saw an enormous creepy spider.

Anyhow…  Our friend Rootbeerien was with a group of her guildmates, going to raid the orc camp and light their gunpowder stores ablaze.  We’d been charged with the same task, as well.  So, why not.  We decided to go.  And then… is when the confusion, adrenaline, and violence happened.

There were orcs – not normal ones, huge burly orcs – coming at us from every side, but with four men and one female hobbit who do devastating damage up close… and two in the back (I’m one!) with bow and arrow hailing down a nigh on impossible amount of arrows… and two magic users, calling lightning and earthquakes. We left a trail of orcs in our path, but we knew it would be hard.  We had to hack and slash into the middle of the camp, find the “Black Powder”, burn it, the other store of “black powder”, burn that, and then make it out alive.

It seemed so difficult, but once you’ve steeled your will, pulled taught your bowstring for the first time and let an arrow fly straight at the biggest, ugliest orc you’ve ever seen in your entire life…  the battle mindset takes over.  And soon enough, you’ve moved on to the next fight, the next, once again leaving piles or orcs.

We found the first black powder supply but an ENORMOUS orc and his friends (for SOME reason) didn’t want to let us burn it.  So they fought us.  It seemed that some of the guys on our team were of high constitution and could take a beating and give it right back… so I stayed where i could do fast, massive damage – a little bit higher up.

And then they were gone, just like that. It went up like a bonfire and we got out of there, hack and slashing through orcs all the way back.

Finally we were back, safely, in Trestlebridge.  Where the group parted was, leaving Haarland, Rootbeerien an standing around chit chatting.  You know, it’s sometimes nice to stand around a campfire with some friends, when you’ve just been through something life-threatening right?


Namárië.  Will write very soon.  Much has happened!


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