Fashion Update


Greetings everyone.  I know this is not the action and adventure you have come to expect from my communications…  But I am quite proud of the clothing I have learned to make for myself.  It is stylish, though I often have to dye or bleach it to find it consistent with my rather Elven tastes.  

Instead of the flowing, delicious fabric I have known my whole life in Lórien… these “outside” fabrics are so different.  They wear their clothes so differently too.  I don’t dislike it but I find my reflection rather amusing, and I hope you can get a little amusement out of my strange new clothes (but do you notice the shoulder-guards?  An elven pattern – I had to have a touch of home), made in the style typical in Bree-land.

Many more exciting updates soon.  Life has been so enriching and intense lately!

Namárië, I hope my letter finds you in good health and happiness!


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