Gates of Angmar

Gates to Angmar

Hello from east of Esteldin in Nan Amlug.  Today was a busy, busy day.  Haarland, Rootbeerien, her friend Anishi, and I set out from Esteldin into the wilds of the Northeastern part of Nan Amlug.  We spoke with the Earth-kin, who charged us with several favors they hoped we would do.  

While we were out looking around, however, I wandered off a little from the group, and found myself in front of these ENORMOUS gates built into a mountain pass, more like a deep ravine.  This place was evil.  I could tell that there were many things about this place that were not right.

And then, I realized that perhaps lagging from the group and finding myself alone at the base of the gates to Angmar was an extremely bad idea.  I ran to tell everyone, but Haarland said “Didn’t you see before when I told you about the gates?”

I guess I hadn’t.  I’m glad we did not go through them.



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