Haarland, Earth-kin and a Large Skull


haarland and Skull

At the Earth-kin camp, we promised to do several favors to their kind.  Collect some herbs, fight off some of their rogue kin, deal with an overpopulation of huge, mutant wolves (“Dire Wargs”), and, for a dwarf that lived there,  find a skull and bring it back.  No big deal, we thought.

The many rogue earth kin were quickly dispatched by Rootbeerien’s compatriot Anishi, also a marksman like myself.  As were the “Dire Wargs,” very little difficulty.  Finding and collecting so many herbs, though, was a little tedious, as was looking for hidden treasure troves that rangers had buried – badly, i might add.  Why bother to bury something if you leave a big, obvious mound of dirt over it?!  It’s like saying “Please come steal my treasure!”

Anyhow, treasure and herbs collected, Dire Wargs dispatched, Rogue Earth-kin destroyed, we set out to find the skull.  This should be easy, we thought.  We were so wrong.  The skull we were charged to find turned out to be an absolutely enormous auroch skull.  Haarland volunteered to heft it and run back to the Earth-kin village with us trailing behind.  I have to admit, I laughed – it looked ridiculous.

A very silly moment in an otherwise intensely battle-heavy day. My fingers are somewhat sore from pulling taut the string of my bow so many times today – tomorrow, I will attempt to make gloves that are thick enough to somehow remedy this problem, yet supple enough to still maintain my skill at marksmanship.

Namárië! I hope you think this is as funny as we all did!


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