Alliy of Rivendell

Alliy and Valaraen

This evening, I was sitting at a table in the corner at the common Craft Hall of Bree.  It is a large, rustic-looking (in the apparent style of Men) hall that offers those who create things a place to do so. I have plenty of clothing, thankfully, but I have come to enjoy making these creations – it gives me something to do while I sit by the fire and contemplate the exciting and sometimes confusing adventure I’ve had so far.

As I was finishing, I met an elven woman somewhat younger-looking than myself.  Her name was Alliy (which, I thought, must be an assumed name – it is not any elven name of which I have heard), she told me, and she was attempting to make a journey to the land of her ancestors Rivendell.  She had made it as far as Bree when her guide and companion left her there.

She wore simple elven robes and if she was going to attempt the journey to Rivendell she would need something more sturdy. I told her that if she would like, I could give her the cloak and clothing I had finished that evening – I surely didn’t need it. She was thrilled to receive something that was better protection from the dangerous wilds of this area.

She could not find safe passage across a vast tract of swampland outside the town.  After she had tried on her new clothing (much better, I thought) I offered to lead her into the swamp, though it was raining (as you can see, I’m wearing my heavy hooded cloak). I’d have guided her all the way to Rivendell, and offered to do so, but she was determined to make the journey on her own – a kind of pilgrimage, I assumed. There were great groups of  disgusting swamp bugs and goblins that were a great danger to someone unfamiliar to the land and how to deal with them.  For me, however, it was not difficult to take them down from 30 yards away, clearing a safe path.

I suppose we must care for our own kind, in an unfamiliar land that is not our own. I do not know if she will make it to Rivendell before finding a guide, possibly in the outposts of the Lone Lands.  I cannot begrudge her attempt to make it alone, and I wish her safe passage to her homeland, though she’s never seen it, and I’m sure once she finds her way she will be in awe of the beauty that awaits her there.



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