Ancient Ones

Are You Lost?

Amazing experience.  Long have our kind told stories, sung songs and read great tomes of information in which there is very little, but enough, to give a glimpse of the nature of an “Ent.”  Rare, incalculably old (much more so than elves) and seclusive, very few are they who have met an ent.  The Ents like it that way – interrupting their slow, calm, rooted way of life is something done in an emergency.

But when I wandered into a strangely wooded area of the forest and sat on the ground to rest, I realized that I was fairly lost and didn’t know which way to go back.  I heard a slow, deep, rumbly voice, as though it was the voice of the trees themselves…  And what I had thought was a tree bent down to repeat his salutation to me. He asked me, slowly… “Who are you?”

In an attempt to appear less absolutely stunned speechless, I was able to say “I am Valaraen Avariquen, and I come here from Lórien.” 

He seemed to consider, a long time.  Slowly, again, the voice of the tree rumbled slowly, again… “Your name tells a story to me, of things long forgotten to your kind but not to mine.”

He sat silent another while, rumbled to himself in a low voice.  He listened to the wind and mist whistle through the branches and leaves while I sat at his feet.  The rumbling began again, louder, and the voice again rumbled forth:  “I thank you for your visit to my small forest home and bringing your interesting name with you. Perhaps it is a key to your history.  Perhaps it is not – but it is not a story for me to tell.”

How did this hold the secret to some hidden truth?  Why would some ancient creature know something having to do with my ancestors?  How… would… It was then, that I became aware of how late at night it had become, how slowly the Ent had been speaking to me – it was quite dark and far from Tinnudir.  I began to panic, but the Ent said to me “You shall not worry. I will offer you safety here tonight.”

They exist.  I met one of these mythical, ancient creatures.  He offered me safety, bedding, and conversation.  But also so many unanswered questions.

Namárië, and know I am thinking of all.


2 Responses to Ancient Ones

  1. Curulindë says:

    Re: “Rare, incalculably old (much more so than elves)”

    I’m afraid that this statement is inaccurate. See my comment on another post.

    • Yes, unfortunately there are a number of inaccuracies in my earlier posts, when I was a little more sloppy with my research :\ Eventually, when I have time, I’m going to come back and fix the ones that are glaring mistakes.

      As it is, I keep forgetting to do so. 🙂

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