Mischief and Honesty

Anishi, Rootbeerien and Valaraen

After some time in Bree, I rode back to Tinnudir in Evendim with my sometimes traveling companion Rootbeerien and her compatriot Anishi, who I briefly met in Nan Amlug. We took quite a scenic route, stopping at a ranger outpost and examining the ruins of ancient Men.

She is somewhat of an adventurous type, always looking for some sort of mischief and fun.  So, when we found these abandoned crates, immediately she questioned “Shouldn’t we see what’s inside?”  I supposed, since they were abandoned, it couldn’t hurt, and Anishi urged her “Get it!”

I couldn’t get it open, but apparently she knew something that I did not. She knelt next to it, and in mere moments, had it opened – inside there were supplies of some sort, which were celebrated and collected into her pack in short order.

Once we arrived in Tinnudir, we overheard a man speaking of his lost supply crates, which were “somewhere on the path to Tinnudir.”  Immediately, of course, we knew of which supply crates he was speaking.  Now, while she is mischevious and would have kept the contents were they unclaimed, she is not a thief.  She returned his supplies to his immense gratitude, for which he rewarded her some money and praise.

Before I became acquainted with those outside our homeland, I felt wondered how they would act. Many have not been who they seemed to be, but I am glad to know my friends are honest, decent people.  No matter how mischievous they can occasionally act.


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