Frodo Baggins

I spoke this evening in the gardens of Rivendell with a young Hobbit by the name of Frodo Baggins.  Hobbit-names rarely cease to amuse me, though they are good, strong names for those who bear them.  I suppose they find ours as foreign and laughable.

Frodo has before him some unimaginable task, and needed someone with whom to walk, and think about things.  He invited me to come with him, and I did so.  He asked how long I had been in Rivendell and whether I enjoyed it here…  And asked how my life as an adventurer was.  I gave him a short version of my journey so far, all over these lands.  He seemed pleased and said he wished he had adventures like his uncle Bilbo, who indeed is a Hobbit of great renown.

I am not completely sure what his impending journey is, though I have a feeling that it is something serious.  Something far, far more important, historic and possibly deadly.  Unsure whether I should say these things, he mercifully kept talking – I assumed (correctly) that he probably needed an ear, rather than a mouth.

What an interesting young fellow!  His adventures will be far more than he thinks, I am sure his Uncle Bilbo will be quite proud of him and his accomplishments sometime in the near future.  Can you imagine a little hobbit setting out into the unknown to “change the world?”  It’s refreshing to know that even these small folks have big hearts.



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