Misty Mountains

For the moment, it is silent.  The silence of snow – almost like having a very heavy blanket over one’s ears.  Even with the sharp senses of our kind, it remained… muffled.  That is a good word.  The world is muffled.  Soon, though, there will be noise in this quiet, icy valley above which we sit.

There is much violence in this world.  Many things threaten the existence of Men, Hobbits, Dwarves and Elves a like.  Yet they stubbornly, one might say heroically, fight back, plant their flag firm against orc, spirit, monster, whatever comes to call and yell “THIS PLACE IS MINE.”

Sometimes, as I preparing to do right now, those with skills as ourselves offer to assist these townsfolk – whether their problem is “not enough meat,” “these horrible snow monsters outside town,” or “orcs are trying to set up camp in my fields.”  We have the ability to help these people fight back this tide of evil which seems to be washing over the land.  Maybe we cannot stop it – it is not my pretension to claim that… But if we can hold it back for these people, get them their fur, scare off the Orcs, or get them the meat they need…  We are better people for it.

I suppose, to me, that is what this is all about.  It’s not about the money or treasure.  It’s not about glory and reputation.  It’s not about meeting people who are highly regarded within our culture and others – famous, one might even say. 

It, for me, is about enrichment.  New experiences.  New friends.  New ways of life.  I’ve never been to the Misty Mountain gourges to fight off an influx of Snow Beasts.  I’ve never seen snow this deep or as far as my eyes can see, or felt cold this cold.

And then I realize – they have such integrity.  Everyone is equal, be they Elf, Dwarf, Man or Hobbit.  I have once to be looked upon as “a mere girl.”  If you are there to help, if you are on that side, you are an accepted member of the group.  That is far more than I ever expected – I had assumed there would be more “What can an elf possibly offer here? ” type responses.

Things become so much more interesting every day.

And every day I’m glad that this seeming tide or flood of worrisome things will not — must not — reach Lóthlórien.  If I hear our sanctuary is threatened, I will hurry home, but for now… I gain great self-respect for helping where I can in my journeys.



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