From Thorin’s Hall

Just a short note to speak of something that happened quite a while ago, but which I forgot to mention.  I visited the realm populated by Dwarves in the far north.  What strange creatures.  I traveled to their home in the far north and they do, as I’ve always read, make their homes under the very mountains themselves.

I was not prepared for the incredible scale of Thorin’s Hall.

The only word I can come up with to describe the architecture and scale is ‘massive.’  It truly is massive, in every sense – the rooms are enormous, the ceilings soar high above one’s head, the statues are impossibly huge.  You get the sense of grandeur without the… pretension.  It is grand and huge, but somehow understated. You simply must see this wondrous hall for yourself to believe it.

They live strangely, though I can’t say that someone visiting Lórien would say that we do not.  Such differences in the ways we live, everywhere I look.  Is that not a good thing?



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