I have been spending a good amount of time in the company of another of our kind.  Her name is Thalya and she, to be honest, has the graceful and traditional good looks with which I always hoped I’d be blessed.  Not so – but I didn’t turn out bad, that’s for sure.  On occasion, she seems rather amused by me.  I suppose I do not act in a normal way, and my other friends are a human woman who dresses like a man, and a human man who dresses like a woman.  Word seems to get around.  She inquired as to the truth of this, and regarding my rather flamboyant companionship, I replied “Well, yes.  Men are strange.”

If I’ve learned nothing from this entire journey, my friends, I will come away with the knowledge that yes.  Men are strange.  All of them.  I have to admit that I find them (especially my friend Haarland, the current fore-runner in my personal contest for ‘Strangest Man in Bree’) rather endearing and I am rather fond of them.  They’re just so… lively.  They have a fire inside them that I think our kind rather lacks.

Thalya and I met in Rivendell, as I was going on a foray into the Misty Mountains, once again.  A number of evil men had a stronghold to the north, and it had been requested of me to “go take a look around.”  She offered to accompany me, since she knew the area rather better than I, and it is quite dangerous up there.

Many would be uncomfortable following a slender and beautiful creature such as Thalya into the mountains, seeing her with nothing but a staff and a book.  However, I know that our kind can be extremely dangerous with those implements and she is no different.  Somehow a crossbow seems so inadequate when you know that someone can summon lightning, cause earthquakes, and call forth an Ent to strike back her enemies.

The first part of my journey has been spent in the company of Men.  Perhaps I am now going to be spending more time in the company of elves, as my other companions seem to be rather busy in somewhat far away places.  However strange she might find me, though, I like Thalya and hope to see more of her in the near future.


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