Recently, I went with Thalya to do something very big.  Scary, for me.  She was going with me to help me buy my first horse.  Can you imagine, a horse all my own.  Out here!  Where I started with nothing, I now have a horse!

I had to do some tasks for the stablemaster to prove I was ready for my own horse, and that was easy. But then I was done and the main task was to CHOOSE a horse.  I would have liked the graceful black thoroughbred Thalya rides, but he seems like he is quite a special horse.  So I decided to go with a feisty looking bay horse, who does not yet have a name, at the time of this writing, but I will so inform you when I have one.

How far I’ve come, from nothing, to making my way in the world, to being a real blended-in local.  As much as us elves can be, out here in the city of Men.

Oh, and to the girls back home, you’ll understand:  Ugh!  I was on the balcony outside of Lord Elrond’s home, chatting idly with another visitor about the view, how good Elrond is to open his home to us, and what we’re each doing for dinner…  When a dwarf – a REAL LIVE DWARF – came up to me, gave me a big hug and smiled, then ran away.

How gross!  I mean, I have to take it in context – We don’t let dwarves in to Lórien.  So few of us venture out that I almost believed dwarves didn’t exist for real.  And then, as i mentioned in one of my prior dispatches, I’d visited their hall (and was sightly surprised they let me in, given our “NO ENTRY” policy about their kind…)

But a dwarf?  In the very balcony of Lord Elrond’s own house?  Hugging me, laughing, and running away?  I will never understand.  Maybe we should instate a “No Dwarves” rule in Rivendell?  It works for Lórien.



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