I have had little time to write lately and you have my apologies. I have been spending much time in the Misty Mountains with Thalya – and, obviously, her bear Svarlbad.  He is a fierce fighter and loyal to Thalya’s every wish, but I believe it is possible that he only looks mean. He is just so big and furry, I rather want to give him a hug.  I’m not sure Thalya would appreciate that, however, and because I do not want to be bitten by a bear, I refrain.  

The mountains are fraught with evil men, frightening snow beasts, war-minded dwarves and enormous mammoths, – you can see one in the background of this picture. There is much to be seen, but also much to be wary of.  We have spent many hours dealing with dangerous and evil creatures here – exhausting but also exciting, in its own way.

Sometimes I wonder whether the cold will ever wear off, I’ve been spending so long up here in the mountains.  Even when I travel to Rivendell and practice my metalworking skills within their legendary forges, the memory of this cold seems to seep into my bones.

I hope everyone is well, I cannot believe I have been away for so long.  All my love to everyone.



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