Caves and Wilderness

Things have been very exciting and also quite frightening lately.  Thalya and I returned from the cold of the mountains to the relative warmth and calm of Rivendell.  I was glad to be able to return on horseback – I have had quite enough of wandering through the mountain snow on foot.  

The excitement (and danger) began when I was asked to perform a rather important task.  I was given a special stone by Glorfindel of Rivendell, and sent to speak with Elladan, son of Elrond.  In turn, he explained that I needed to search within three caves in the wild lands between the Last Bridge and the Gates of Imladris – in search of traces of one of the infamous Black Riders.  The stone, apparently, will give off light when taken to the correct location, in the presence of what I assume is residual evil.

Finding the cave was rather easy, however it was difficult to make it through, even with Thalya’s help.  The entire cave was full of trolls, who are huge and rather stupid, but incredibly dangerous.  Some of them threw boulders, while they roared and drooled and punched the ground.  I do not recommend the company of trolls, they are most inconsiderate.

In the darkest part of this troll-cave, I held this special stone up, but nothing happened.  It stayed dark – no sign of anything amiss.  There was nothing there, which was a disappointment.  I hoped I would complete this dangerous task without having to crawl through more than one clammy, dark hole. 

It was exhausting, even though I’ve developed so much more stamina than I had when I left home. Thalya says she is not one for the wandering lifestyle. I wonder sometimes why she left Lindon and the Grey Havens, but I don’t really know whether I should ask.

Namárië. Let everyone know I’m safe and sound, resting here in Rivendell at the moment. 


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