Stone Trolls


Today, Thalya and I journeyed to another cave…  Which was much more difficult to find.  The way was dangerous, with an incredible number of smarter, more dangerous cave-trolls lurking in the ridges and valleys.  We came to a clearing and found these trolls – turned to stone by the light of the sun.  

I am told that they were tricked into arguing all night until sunrise. Indeed, they are still here in their clearing in the woods, frozen images of huge, grotesque creatures.  I’ve never seen such a thing – it’s as if they were carved from rock, though I can’t imagine why anyone would carve a statue so ugly.

The cave beyond was darker than night, lit occasionally by the fire pits built by the many cave-trolls inside.  Fighting our way through was difficult and harrowing – and when we finally cleared our path of trolls, once again, the stone remained dark and showed nothing.

I would hate to return to the son of Elrond with no news… I have high hopes for my last attempt. It seems that my adventures and wandering have taken a somewhat more serious turn.  I have been chosen to perform rather important business… And I feel that it would be wrong for me to refuse.

I hope everyone is well – I’ll keep you updated when I can.


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