Back Underground

For the third time, Thalya and I made out way to the entrance of another troll-haven.  The narrow chambers were… well, for lack of a better term…  RICH with trolls. It was just one after another, advance a little bit, and then three more trolls.  After a while, it jst gets tedious.  And it smells AWFUL.  

Finally, at the back of said cave, we were very hopeful that the stone would show… something.  Anything.  But, like in the last to caves I held aloft in the darkest part of the cave….. nothing at all.  I felt despondent!  How could I go back to the sons of Elrond with nothing?

But I had to do so.  He did not seem despondent as I felt, for Elladan informed me that his lookout, Barachen (with whom I have already visited several times on different errands) has more information for me, once I’m rested up from the fight with the trolls.

Yes?  Yes Please.  I’m going back to Rivendell and seeing if it’s impossible to find a hot bath.  And maybe a massage.



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