Time to Relax

Unfortunately, the third cave (just as dank, clammy and troll-filled as the last two) failed to produce any sign of the Black Rider’s presence.  I need not have worried, however – when I spoke with Elladan, I was told that his brother, Ellohir, had recieved word on a new lead.  Barachen, at his camp in the south, would like to speak with Thalya and I and tell us what he’s learned so as to better our search.

For the moment, I’m taking some time to relax here.  Do some riding, work on sewing a new cloak, and spend some time doing… nothing.  A few days and then out into the wilds to find a giant or slay dragons, perhaps.  

I’ve finished a beautiful cloak that I am absolutely proud to wear.  It is black with beautiful turquoise and spring green trim and decoration.  I love it and I cannot believe that I, with no experience in needlework or tailoring when I left, picked up this ability on this great adventure as something to do.



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