Of late I have become aligned with Thalya’s associates – a group calling themselves “Death Guild.” An interesting name for a band of individuals with whom I can take on these increasingly difficult tasks with more security. Those depicted in this picture, from left to right, are Graidh, Trodomir, Hedafang, Thalya, Xevian, and then me, as you can probably recognize.

We traveled together into the Misty Mountains to battle some rather fearsome creatures at the request of Lord Elrond.  These dark, evil creatures posed a great threat to the peaceful sanctuary of Imladris, and the lands beyond.  We were thankfully able to drive them back, though I cannot know what other malevolent forces lay beyond.

The world has become much darker, and I worry for even Lórien’s safety, if it cannot be stopped.  It is very good that in days like this, and times like these, I can be confident that my new companions will take on these dangerous tasks with me, because I am not sure I can face them alone.

I hope that future subjects will be of a more upbeat nature.



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