Thalya and Me

Finally with a slight reprieve from truly overwhelming battles against the forces of evil, Thalya and I ventured beyond Thorenhad at the request of Ellomir, Son of Elrond.  We were to find Calenthron, a scout in the area, and speak with him.  His campsite was a short distance to the north, and he greeted us warmly.  He had a request of us:  he had become aware of maddened, diseased bears in the area and asked that we help thin them out.  and bring back skin samples for him to examine.

We made rather short work of the bears, as we’d taken Thalya’s magical companion, Steve, an extremely vicious lynx. In no time we had enough hide samples to return them to Calenthon.  He then informed us that he had come to know that the ruins in the area had been overrun by wights, frighening undead creatures. After making sure the wights were somewhat under control, we happily returned to rest at Calenthon’s camp.

We are back to doing tasks that are rather exciting but not incredibly dangerous for the moment.


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