Well Dressed

Hello from Rivendell once again!  During this short leave from the many adventures I have been having of late, I spent some time making myself something new to wear.  I am planning to return to the mountains soon, so as well as being beautiful, this cloak will be quite functional.

The time spent was well worth it, was it not?  I love the trim and decorative designs in such vivid colors. I have not had much elegance in the clothing I’ve worn recently and I am glad for such a change in style.

My skills at this craft have certainly improved.  I never thought to study such things back in Lórien, but it has been a worthwhile endeavor.  I have even had success offering several of my creations for sale – it feels good to know others enjoy the articles I have designed and crafted.

The time I have left to spend resting has grown rather short.  I hope all is well!


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