The Trollshaws

Hi from the Trollshaws- and yes, it is as dangerous as it sounds.  We visited Barachen, one of the scouts of the sons of Elrond.  He offered us a place around the fire to rest and warm ourselves briefly and to rest our horses. At the request of the Mr. Ironfist, one of the companions of Barachen at his small encampment, we agreed to travel north and search the ruins of Ost Dúrgonn for a missing dwarf.

He ws not hard to find – a stout, sturdy dwarf with a long, white beard sitting next to a stone wall smoking his pipe. Shortly after speaking with , we had to help defend him against a small swarm of strange creatures  called “whisker backs.” And then, a monstrous, huge whisker back (the leader, perhaps?) appeared from the darkness and was quite a bit more difficult to deal with him, though he was not able to withstand the onslaught of my arrows and Thalya’s mystical arts.

After this was finished, we searched nearby for a troll who had stolen a collection of rather unremarkable stones that were very important to their owner.  After finding and defeating the large, drooling, roaring thief and collecting the stones, we set out to go back.

On the way to Barachen’s camp to let the dwarf now that his friend was just fine, I stopped to speak with Rochwen – one of Barachen’s outlooks, who requested we find these rocks and take care of the problem of diseased whisker backs.  She was thrilled that both her requests had been finished, and said I should go and tell this news to Elllohir, son of Elrond.

Having reached the camp, Mr Ironfist was relieved to know his white-bearded friend was doing well.  The next task Barachen bestowed upon us was, predictably, to go into the woods and drive off eight of the trolls actively threatening the area. We will do that a little later, as I am enjoying the fire and I feel my eyes beginning to close with sleep.  Goodnight!  My love to all.



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