I hesitate to write of this, but I feel I must.  I’m horrified and shocked at the evil and darkness that exists in Angmar.  The sky, the ground, the very air around me seems saturated with a blood-red evil that almost seeps into one’s pores.  Never have I felt this way, never in my whole life.  In a small outpost of the Men trying to make a stand against the shocking malevolence of this land, my allies and I have taken refuge.  It is impossible to relax, and our rest is uneasy.

My entire world view changed when I set foot in this hostile place.  By the time we arrived in this small encampment, all I could do was long for the innocence and safety of my homeland, which feels so incredibly far away.  Should I give up, and make the long journey back to Lórien to try and feel safe again?  I do not know whether I can do that.  It feels like I have a profound responsibility to participate in the fight against this growing evil – not only at the request of Elrond, and not only in solidarity with my kinship… But for Lórien, as well.  

With the shadowy evil which permeates this place seeping out into the lands through which I’ve traveled, my mind cannot help but wander back to Lórien.  The thought of this evil, this darkness, overcoming our home is too much to bear, and if I can make even a small effort to make a stand for Lórien, should I not do that?

Maybe this is my destiny.  Maybe this is what I am meant to do.  I cannot allow the darkness of this place fall upon the light of my home.  I will not allow it.


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