Imlad Balchorth

Greetings from deep in the mountains of Angmar.  Imlad Balchorth has quite a somber and disturbing landscape – this place is steeped in death.  Evil spirits and the undead are prevalent here and though it is frightening and dangerous, I somewhat prefer this lonely and grey landscape to the fire and brimstone of the lands from which Thalya and I ventured.

After climbing up through the mountains on a somewhat questionable and perilous excuse for a trail, we came to a small encampment of dwarves.  Not an ideal place to rest but the campfire and food were a welcome respite from the dark climb into the mountains.  The dwarves were agreeable enough but I don’t know that they were any more comfortable with our kind than we are with theirs.

Once we had some rest and a meal, we descended into the eerie valley of Imlad Balchorth.  Everything here is so grey that it seems monochrome.  The pools of water here and there are a sickly poisonous green color – even, as you see, the waterfalls.  The trees are dead and dry, and the crags which surround the valley are home to tombs and strange monuments to things lost to the pages of history.

But… As I said, even in the barren landscape of the dead, at least I am simply exploring a world of which I have only read and never seen or touched.  That is what I came out of my home to do. Although I feel compelled to answer the call to action of Lord Elrond, I cannot fight constantly, and now I do not have to do so, at least for a while.

I am feeling better, and we know of an encampment of Men nearby where we can perhaps hear more of the strange place into which we have descended.  I have seen the landscape changing from grey back to a strange pinkish red and I do not know what is ahead.  But I do know that I am about to find out!

I have yet to find a landscape which rivals our home and my love and thoughts are with you all, and am so pleased to report that things have once again turned to exploration and adventure.



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