Gath Forthnír

Good evening!  We have reached the refuge of Gath Forthnír, hidden in the crags of Angmar.  Once again I find myself in the company of Men – company with which I have grown very comfortable.  Even in such adversity they still maintain a passionate hope and spark of life I feel is just out of my reach. They have given me a comfortable little corner in which to rest, food and drink, and pleasant company.  It is warm and fairly friendly here, and the sense of security here puts my mind at ease.

Finally I have some time to think!  I somewhat feel the need to collapse into a deep sleep for days… on the other hand I feel a little restless and eager to walk around to hear friendly voices again after so long in the wilderness with only Thalya for company.  Good company, but to hear more than our own two voices is quite welcome. 

I think there is a chance, after some rest and recovery, that we will ride once again to Rivendell.  The thought warms my heart and soothes me in ways that I cannot describe.  There is still so much to do and see here, and I am eager to do and see it.  But I have seen so much in recent days that familiar sights and familiar faces are all I want to see.

Happily I can report that I am well and safe, and hope you are all well.



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