The ride to Rivendell was long and I was quite impatient – I wanted to be there immediately.  But when I arrived, finally, I was almost overcome by the soothing, familiar sights, sounds, and smells of this beautiful place.  Finally, a real rest, the opportunity to properly bathe… And since I felt somewhat restless after a little while, I left to visit Bree, where I currently sit in the sun (as you can see), and write this letter.

It is not so quiet and not so calm, here.  I’ve said before that it fascinates me, perhaps more than it should. This place, for me, is steeped in nostalgia and the memories of a time when I was amazed and overwhelmed by the life and excitement of this place. Now, I’m just happy to have had time to visit for a while, and walk around lost in my own thoughts.

I was thrilled to receive correspondence from someone about whom I care quite a bit and have not seen for quite a while. Reading it, I realize now that it was likely very hurtful, when I disappeared with real explanation. There is something poignant about how Men try hard to keep their pride to hide their pain. The respect (almost awe, it seems) which I have earned is touching on a deep level, and brings me a kind of happiness that makes me forget, for a moment, the things I’ve seen and felt recently. I feel undeserving of this – all I’ve done is be myself.

I left a letter for him – it’s the least I can do. I have a feeling he will be sad to know that I have spent a few days  within the walls of the same city, but he did not find me here.  I am sad too…  I’d have liked to see him again.  He helped me feel like this world is my second home.  I miss his company.

Home is in my thoughts, and I hope all is well in Lórien.  



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