Giant Problems

The assignment given to us was to protect a girl on her way to search for her father, through a VERY dangerous part of Carn Dûm.  Honestly, I have no idea why she thought she could do it alone if she couldn’t find some brave volunteers, but once someone is family, you will do just about anything for them.  That in mind, none of us found it in our hearts to resist her plea for help.  

We found ourself fighting off surges of… Angmarim high priests, they call themselves.  I’m rather confused – high priest of?  Anyhow, as we fought, and fought, there appeard, rather near Thalya and myself (relatively) a huge, drooling, foul smelling, roaring giant.  We got away.  The rest of the group turned their attention towards the lumbering monster when the last Angmarim was put down, and with the combined effort of Rootbeerien and her guild, we were able to make fast work of the giant.

Anything could happen, now, I have a feeling this break is very short.   Yes, time to get up.




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