The False King


Shortly after we toppled the giant, Luthiel seemed a little confused as to what was going on. We all stood around waiting for something do do, frankly, until a creature appeared in a scarlet robe under which you could see no face, no hands… like a stylish Nazgül.

He had her father with him, too sickly to do anything but lay on the ground.  Lorniel was beside herself with worry and anger, and we tried to fight her behalf, and to save her father. It was a grueling battle both mentally and physcially, watching such mental suffering between father and daughter and trying to keep focused on The False King and his taunts and challenges.

After he had apparently been bored by letting us beat on him, he fled behind a gate leaving Lorniel dead, and her father barely alive.  We took him to Gath Forthnir along with the heavy news we bore.

Thalya and I both asked if there was anything that could be done to help, and were given a task which involved collecting the father’s old gear, to make it like new again.  This sounded easier said than done.


To spare a lot of boring and mundane details, we ran around different places in various parts of THE WORLD, not just a city, from Thorin’s Hall to Esteldin to Rivendell, from Rivendell to Gath Forthnir. And after this Adventure, I saw that Thalya might look a little tired.  And that I might try to slip away.   I have something I very, very much want to go do.  Soon.  Now.


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