Happiness and Ire

I’ve returned to Rivendell.  I’m just waiting now to find Thalya and continue on the quest we have been given.  There will be much explaining to do, I’m sure.  After spending the night in Bree, I spent the entirety of yesterday as well.  Disappearing in the hours before dawn two days ago, and returning far after dusk last night is going to cause me problems, I’m sure.

Actually…  I’m not sure whether I should go find Thalya.  Maybe I should let her find me.

I should feel rather bad about having done this.  And rather bad that this is not the first time I’ve gone missing without explanation.  But I do not feel that way – instead, I still feel elated.  Despite my tendency towards insubordination and my defiant nature.

However atypical this nature is to our kind, I cannot help being who I am.  I’m sure those who know me best understand.  I hope all is well at home, and that everyone is in good health and good spirits. It’s time for me to go and face the consequences of my actions.


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