Where is Home?

I’m in a strange state of mind currently.  I had intended to write with extreme excitement over the acquisition of my own home.  And I shall write of it – it is a beautiful and calm sanctuary at the edge of a pool of water as clear as crystal.  It is small but warm and inviting and I love it.  Now I know, that no matter where I end up in this world, even if I end up home in Lórien, I will always have somewhere to stay here in my adopted home.

But the euphoria of this has been dampened somewhat by coming upon life-changing information, by which I am still shocked.  Nothing is wrong with me, I am not sick or in danger.  I’ve simply had information about myself and my life that was unknown to me revealed.  I’m rather sad, now, that my father and mother left for the West without me.  I have questions of them.

I have choices to make.  I know in my heart what I will choose.  

I know what I am – who I am. And what I must be.

If there ever was a time I missed my home…  It is now.


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