Inside Barad Gúlaran

What awaited me inside Barad Gúlaran was beyond what I could have imagined.  I was to accompany a sweet looking old woman inside, to complete a mission of hers.  I defended her, I kept her safe.  She threw open a pair of huge doors at the end of a hall of fire.

And walked through a worshipful crowd of followers to stand next to Mordirith, with whom I have done battle in the past, several times nearly losing my life.  And then she put me into some sort of stunned trance, and revealed to me her “True Nature” – and became Amarthiel, servant of the Witch-king of Angmar.  When she took the stairs to a throne platform, spoke a few words and I was blinded (absolutely blinded, with light and with fear) by the image of the eye of Sauron himself.

When I awoke, I was outside.  Thalya was there.  I was unbelieving of what had just happened.  We found our way together back to Gath Forthnir, where we rested and thought on what had just happened.  My mind keeps wandering elsewhere – home, back to those days I spent in Bree recently, the dark and frightening things I have witnessed.  Darkness.  And incredible light.  I am not sure how I feel about many things.

My father would know what to do.



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