The Even-rills

Hello everyone… We are back in Evendim, it seems as though I’ve been spending much time here recently.  Thalya and I recently visited a place high in the rocky hills of at the northernmost shore of Lake Evendim.  At the top of the beautiful waterfall that pours into the lake, there is a still and beautiful pool and a grassy, rocky place from which you can see down the gorge and into this pool of pristine water.

Things cannot be as they were, I’ve been through too much in too little time.  I think I now see the downside of the short and turbulent lives of those who are mortal creatures.  How can they stand to see so much in so short a time as this?  But… I realize that they must. How painfully short and final their lives seem, just a brief flicker in time.  

This is the calm before the storm, however.  I unfortunately do not have time to waste lost in my own philosophical thoughts.  Tomorrow we leave again, to meet with others in the hills of Angmar and go deep into the heart of Carn Dum.  Sometimes I don’t know why I fight for this place, but I think about those I’d leave behind to face this darkness and I have to do something about it.

I have choices to make, choices about which I do not wish to think.  I hope everyone is well, I yet miss you all and every day I think of the light and beauty I left behind… And I wonder where home is, now.  Please forgive me for my despondent writings of late.  With dark times comes a heavy heart and a longing for peace and affection.  Maybe it is time to see my homelands again.


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