Greetings from the town of Gwingris – although I’d say it’s more of an “outpost” than a town. The area is quite dangerous.  The woods here are alive with trolls.  Wood trolls. The very trees of the forest here are alive and hostile. I’m becoming quite apprehensive about this whole idea – it seems that the closer I get to the path home, the more questionable the path becomes.

I don’t remember it being this dangerous on the journey to Ered Luin – but this was not the path on which I traveled.  I was nervous then, too.  Hour by hour, I’m questioning my decision to pay a visit to my homeland. 

But beyond the danger, beyond the apprehension – this place is beautiful.  The wide sky over the grassy plain, dotted here and there with trees to the south.  The buildings, or what remains, are beautiful. I will focus on these things and try to be less negative. What I lack now, that I once had, is a sense of the beauty around me – it’s so difficult to recover after so long steeped in the sulfurous haze of Angmar. I will fight to keep that alive within myself.


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