The Stair Falls

From the top of the stair falls, where I stood at sunset with Thalya, I can see the entrance to Moria. I feel uneasy about the path home.  The legendary mines we are about to enter are uncharted and dangerous – I have done enough wandering in cold, damp darkness underground. Every day I wonder why I have made the decision to return for a time, but Thalya says it is time and I haven’t put up an argument.

This place is barren.  When I look west, I imagine I can see back to Bree.  And when I look north, I imagine I can see to Rivendell.  And then I look east, and when I try to imagine that I can see home… I see a dark, wet hole in the ground.  Maybe I have changed too much to come home – my mind is already dark with the things I have seen, and I fear I am bound to see more.  

I question the judgement of opening that which has been sealed.  Long has this once great, abandoned path been left to stew in its own evil. A long, dangerous journey lies before us, and I’m not sure I’m ready to make it. 


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