Stars at Echad Dúnnan

Greetings from Nan Sirannon. After bypassing the encampment to look down upon the entrance to Moria from the Stair Falls, Thalya and I have gone slightly north and returned to the outpost of Echad Dúnnan, and may trace our path back to Echad Eregion, should our fate lead there. There are many tasks to be completed, here… A welcome reprieve from the soul-chilling horrors of Angmar, but I am sure dark times lie ahead.  I can feel it. For now, however, I have to share a small pleasure and a big problem.

The stars outside of Echad Dúnnan are so beautiful – the sky is clear and I feel like I can see forever.  Sitting in the dry grass near these once-beautiful ruins and looking up at the clear night sky almost makes me forget that this place is so dangerous.  The wolves howl outside and I hear the flutter of bat wings. The gates to Moria lie so close, to the south. Caradhras looms to the north. I am restless.

And the problem: I’ve received disturbing news from Bree and I must return, as I am called to do so.  This problem is upon my head, I believe it could stem from deeds done for my sake. There is great gravity to the situation and it needs to come to a resolution other than the ones I can forsee without my intervention.  Worry not about me, there must be some… Misunderstanding.  I cannot say what awaits me there. I must say that I always feel some flicker of hope in returning there, even under unfavorable circumstances.

I know I will be delayed on my return to Lórien, and Thalya will be upset with me. I can’t say that I am eager to enter the uneasy darkness of the tunnels beneath the mountains. Serious business in Bree… or the darkness of Moria?  It is a difficult decision, and I think my emotional ties are influencing me.  I must go back before I go forward.  Back further than Echad Eregion.


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