Return to Echad Eregion

My greetings to you all.  We seem stuck here in Hollin, at Echad Eregion, again.  As if I brought the rain with me, it is gray and cloudy here, as it was in Andrath from whence I last wrote.  Thalya and I are counting down the final days here, above ground, I think.  We shall soon travel to Mirobel to fulfill a request, and from there… From there I believe we will travel, at last, to Moria.

I cannot say this is something to which I am looking forward. But an avalanche has rendered Caradhras impassable, as if to force us underground for this long journey.  My heart does not feel any less heavy, but I’ve done my best to hide my feelings.  As we readied for our journey, Thalya asked what had gotten into me.  

I thought I could feel my heart breaking, and for a moment I almost lost control, put my arms around Thalya and cry and cry and told the whole story. But I kept composure, detachment, though I think my sadness is showing through. I said “I feel like… I feel like it’s never going to stop raining.” She stopped for a moment and turned towards me.  She looked into my eyes and told me “Rain is a blessing.”

Maybe it is.  It is as though I do not have to cry my own tears. And when I do, they wash down my face unnoticed. 

Please do not worry about me – I shall do my best to overcome this. Namárië.

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