The School

My regards from Echad Mirobel…  This picturesque place is built into the mountainside in the far reaches of Eregion. The idyllic afternoon sky under which I stand is rather deceiving. Though they should be, my spirits are not high, though I have been moderately successful in throwing myself into the dangers of routing the Uruk-hai from the ruined confines of the school on the hill. I thought perhaps I would feel some release of my sadness through this epic encounter, but I was wrong.

It is dimly lit and given in to the decay of time, but once, the building must have been beautiful. Its beauty remains only as an echo. A welcoming place it was not. It was overrun with the servants of the Enemy, evil Men given in to the lust for power, wealth or bloodshed, and the Uruk-hai captains under whose power they were held.  I will not speak of the events that came to pass within those cold and mossy walls, it is unsavory enough to have been a party to it. 

There were but three of us – at Echad Mirobel, we allied ourselves with a like-minded individual by the name of Curutian and made our way to the ruins of the seminary . This deed was a long and arduous battle, but at the end, the school’s halls were once again devoid of any living creatures but us.  Upon return to Mirobel, we parted ways with heartfelt thanks and respect for our ally.

And now, a much deserved rest.  I am alone with my thoughts and my loneliness and the colors of the setting sun upon the clouds. My hope is that this letter finds you all in good health and happiness.

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